What To Do If You've Been Denied Disability Benefits Twice

Published on: September 23, 2020

If you've applied for disability, you know how difficult it can be. It can be very time consuming to gather the information needed to file an application. Once that process has finally been completed, many applicants experience a sense of relief.

The sheer time and effort it takes to prepare for an SSDI application is one reason why being denied disability benefits can be painful. Going through all that work, only to wind up empty handed, is something that no one wants to suffer through.

Worse yet, if you reapply later with more information, and still suffer through a denial, then you’re dealing with the pain all over again. You might begin to wonder if it’s worth appealing again. 

Is There A Limit To The Social Security Appeals Process?

Despite the difficulty, it is worth it to appeal the decision made by Social Security. If you’ve gathered together all of the medical records and other information needed to apply and you’re convinced that you should be receiving benefits, then you should appeal the decisions that say otherwise. Sometimes, it takes getting some extra help involved to get the right decision.

You might have heard somewhere that you can only apply so many times. That’s incorrect; if you’ve been denied disability benefits, then there is no limit to the number of times you can apply. However, the process is engineered so that you will keep going through the same channels over and over again, and your application will keep running past the people who denied you in the first place. Going through the appeals process means that you will actually see someone face-to-face beyond the heavily impersonal application process, which can greatly help your claim. 

Benefits Of Hiring A Disability Advocate

You shouldn’t go through the SSDI application process alone, however. There are people who can be there to represent you in this process. These disability experts have been dealing with SSDI applications for years and understand how the appeals process works and how to get the best result. 

Going it alone means that you’ll be faced with unfamiliar processes, and a higher risk of having a negative outcome. The old saying: “he who represents himself in court has a fool for a client” applies here too—if you let us do the representation in these hearings, you’ll have someone with not only a fresh outlook on your case but someone who can properly present your case to the court because they know how it operates.

Some other benefits of a hiring an advocate for your disability appeal include: 

Help With The Social Security Appeals Process

If you’ve been denied disability benefits, whether once or multiple times, then these rejections may be caused by a relatively minor issue that could have been avoided. An experienced disability advocate can help you organize your claim so that any important details don’t get missed. They can also help build up your case so there is a greater chance of being approved for disability benefits.

Experience In The Application/Appeals Process

An experienced advocate can help you navigate the application and appeals process. Since there are many different programs and initiatives that the SSA uses, such as compassionate allowances, quick disability determinations, or terminal illness programs, an expert can help determine which of these programs may be the fit for you. 

Find You Other Income Options

Disability advocates can help you discover other means of income besides SSDI benefits. Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and other alternatives exist that can help you pay for your expenses if you don’t qualify for SSDI. Disability advocates can give you a better picture of your income options than you may have realized.

How The Disability Advocates At DEF Can Help 

There is always hope for your case. If you’ve double-checked everything about your case and made sure that all of the documentation is available for the court, then you’ll have all that you need to get started. Don’t let the process drag you down -  we’re here to help you! From initial preparation to actually arguing your appeal in court, we can ensure that your case gets the best chance possible at success. Don’t wait—contact us today so we can help you receive the funds that you deserve! 


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