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Let Us Help You Get the Disability Benefits You Deserve.

Did you know that the Social Security Administration (SSA) estimates that for every 20-year-old working today, three out of ten of them will become disabled before they reach retirement age?

Armed with this knowledge, it’s important to take a few minutes to consider what disability would do to your quality of life—and your family’s. It’s through this lens that our disability advocates view life every day. Our clients have found themselves disabled and unable to work due to a variety of reasons and come to us for help applying and appealing for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI).

All too often, we have seen innocent victims spiral downward while waiting on their Social Security benefits. And all too often, we’ve seen those who are sick or disabled try and take on the SSA on their own and fail. You should know that you don’t have to go it alone. We understand the pain and devastation that disability and disease can cause, and we want to help.

Apply or Appeal For Your Disability Benefits with an Expert at Your Side.

If you’re applying for disability or appealing a decision, we will be on your side, fighting for your benefits and best interests. Our Social Security advocates throughout Central Florida understand the ins and outs of the SSA and know how to represent you with dignity and tenacity. Each advocate is also accredited by the National Association of Disability Representatives (NADR), meaning they are “Qualified, Tested, and Working for You.”

Today, there are more than 770,000 SSDI and SSI recipients in the Sunshine State, but that doesn’t mean attaining benefits is easy—many of these recipients had to reapply and appeal numerous times, often waiting up to two years for results. If you’ve become disabled and are unable to work in Central Florida, call Disability Experts of Florida today.

100+ years

We have over 100 years of combined experience dealing with the SSA, and although we have tens of thousands of successful claims filed, you’re never just a number.


We treat each case uniquely and work with you on a one-on-one basis to get you, your child, or a loved one the best results possible, as quickly as possible.

Services Provided by Disability Experts of Florida.

  • Quickly filing your SSDI or SSI application
  • Contacting your doctors about relevant medical records
  • Preparing appeals and other related forms
  • Thoroughly reviewing your Social Security file
  • Setting up a personal conference with you prior to hearings to review your case and prepare you for testimony before a judge
  • And much more…

Don't Go It Alone

If you, your child, or a loved one is a current benefit recipient, applying for the first time, or are filing an appeal, fill out the form and a representative from Disability Experts of Florida will contact you within one business day to discuss your eligibility.