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At Disability Experts of Florida, we work hard to win your disability benefits for you. We understand that there are times when you cannot continue working…due to injury or illness. That’s part of the reason Social Security Disability was created. Social Security Disability is a safety net designed to help out each of our citizens should the need arise.

If you have been told by a doctor that you can no longer work, there’s a good chance you qualify for Social Security benefits. At Disability Experts of Florida, we handle your case from start to finish. Or, if you’re like some of our clients, you may have been previously denied benefits and need to file an appeal. Do not get discouraged! We’re here to help.


Heidi K. Flexer


A. Scott Flexer

CEO & Accredited Disability Representative

David Budlin

Accredited Disability Representative

Gerald Marvin Bober

Retired Administrative Law Judge, Consultant

Melvin T. Baron

Claim Specialist

Crystal C. Cash

Accredited Disability Representative

Samantha O'Connor

Claim Specialist

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