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Top Trending Disability Topics Right Now

What's the talk around town? What's trending on Twitter? Let's face it, news about the rights of the disabled is usually not making front page news. It's unfortunate, but it's reality. So, in an effort to keep people informed and to help them make a difference, we're rounding up today’s current hot topics into one convenient post.
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Stopping Abuse of the Disabled—and Knowing the Signs

As advocates for the disabled, we work tirelessly every day to ensure their well-being and future security. But unfortunately, cases of abuse happen all too frequently—and these are only the ones that we know about. Abuse can happen in a home situation, by a parent, child, or partner. But it can also happen in a special care facility, where we may unknowingly entrust our loved ones to untrained, inexperienced, or simply abusive caregivers (we use that term loosely in some situations).
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Abuse of the Disabled: is it a Large Problem?

We work extensively with the disabled members of our society. This means that on an everyday basis, we work tirelessly to ensure their future security. Anyone with a disability is part of our mission, and we want the best for them. That’s why when we see stories like this one, we cringe a little. No one, regardless of their status, should be abused because they're no longer considered able. Worse, no one should be targeted for that abuse because of his or her status, either.
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