Will Recipients Receive A Fourth Stimulus Check?

Published on: April 9, 2024

If you receive Supplemental Security Income benefits, don’t be fooled by a flood of videos and posts on social media sites promising a fourth stimulus check. The posts are a cruel hoax used to get people to view the videos and click on the websites posting the false information.

Disability Experts of Florida understand how SSI recipients' limited money makes an extra stimulus check attractive. This article provides all you need to know about extra money from the federal government. It explains what to do if you did not receive any of the original stimulus payments.

What’s The Story Behind Posts And Videos About Extra Stimulus Checks?

Posts and videos about extra money from the federal government want people to click on them or view them to increase their search engine rankings. Higher rankings increase the sites' advertising, and clicks on the advertisements increase the site's revenues.

The accuracy or truth of the information offered by the posts or videos is obvious to whoever created it. The website goes on about stimulus money before a reader comes upon a sentence disclosing that the information was compiled from internet sources that may or may not be accurate. Not a source a person needing money to pay bills wants to rely upon.

What does the IRS say about a fourth stimulus check?

The IRS handled the distribution of stimulus payments funded and authorized by Congress in March 2020. Adults received $1,200, and $500 for children younger than age 17. People with income exceeding $75,000 received less.

A second round of stimulus payments was approved by Congress in December 2020 and distributed again by the IRS. Adults and children received $600, subject to the $75,000 income limit for round one payments.

A third round of payments was authorized and funded in 2021, with individuals receiving $1,400, $2,800 for married couples, and $1,400 for dependents. The IRS says that all payments for the three rounds were distributed. Anyone who was eligible for a stimulus payment and did not receive it was instructed to claim a credit for it on their 2020 and 2021 federal income tax returns.

If you were owed money from the three rounds and did not receive it or claim it as a tax credit, your only option is to file an amended 2020 or 2021 federal tax return. Other than the three rounds of payments already made, the IRS does not have money to distribute for a fourth round of payments and will not have it unless Congress authorizes and funds another round of stimulus payments.

I Received Two SSI Benefits Payments in December 2023. Did I get an extra payment?

SSI benefits are paid by direct deposit on the first day of each month. You may have received two payments in December 2023. You received your December payment on the first of the month, but your payment on December 29 was your SSI benefits for January 2024.

If the first of a month falls on a federal holiday or a weekend, SSI benefits are processed for deposit to your bank account or to a direct deposit debit card on the previous weekday that is not a holiday. The “extra” payment you received in December 2023 wasn’t extra because it merely replaced the payment you did not get on January 1, 2024, New Year’s Day, a national holiday.

Other two-payment months in 2024 include the following:

  • May 2024: SSI benefits paid on May 1, and a second payment on Friday, May 31, replaces the payment due on June 1, which is a Saturday.
  • August 2024: You’ll receive your August payment on August 1 and a second payment on Friday, August 30, replacing the payment due on September 1, a Sunday.
  • November 2024: November SSI benefits are paid on November 1, and a second payment on Friday, November 29, replaces the December 1 payment due on a Sunday.

The benefits calendar available through the Social Security Administration shows an SSI benefits payment on December 31, 2024. The reason has to do with New Year’s Day 2025. It’s a holiday, so the SSI disability benefits payable on January 1 will be processed and paid on December 31.

Contact Disability Experts Of Florida For Representation And Guidance You Can Rely On

Obviously, you cannot always trust what you hear or read on popular websites and social media platforms about Social Security disability benefits. If you want advice and representation for SSI and Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits from a trusted and reliable source, Disability Experts of Florida is the place to go.

Our disability advocates use their knowledge of federal laws and regulations and years of experience to give you the accurate and current advice and guidance you need, whether you are applying for SSI and SSDI benefits or appealing a denial of benefits. Contact Disability Experts of Florida today for a free consultation and claim evaluation.



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