Will I Get My SSDI Check Early This Month?

Published on: June 12, 2024

When you are disabled and unable to work, paying living expenses becomes a challenge. Fortunately, the monthly disability benefits through the Social Security Disability Insurance program help you meet the challenge.

With so much at stake, it’s understandable to want to know when to expect your disability payment each month. You may even if hoping to get your SSDI check early this month. The professionals at Disability Experts of Florida put together this blog explaining how SSDI payments are made and when to expect your payment this month and every month.

What To Expect When You Qualify For SSDI

If you work for a long enough duration at jobs or self-employment and pay Social Security taxes on the income you earn, you become eligible for Social Security retirement benefits when you reach retirement age. Congress amended the original Social Security Act to include disability payments to workers who become disabled and unable to work before reaching retirement age.

The SSDI program lets you receive monthly disability benefits provided you are unable to work because of a qualifying disabling physical or mental health condition. You must have a permanent disability expected to last for at least 12 months or cause death, and you must be totally disabled and unable to do any type of work, including work that you did in the past.

If you qualify for SSDI benefits, your monthly benefits are paid electronically by direct deposit to a bank account that you designate or to a Direct Express Debit Mastercard. SSDI benefits are computed based on your lifetime earnings on which Social Security taxes were paid.

Monthly SSDI Disability Benefits

SSDI and Social Security retirement benefits follow the same payment schedule. They are paid on the second, third, and fourth Wednesdays of each month. The day that you receive your payment is determined by your birth date as follows:

  • The second Wednesday of a month for people with birthdays on the first through the 10th of a month.
  • The third Wednesday of a month for people with birthdays on the 11th through 20th day of a month.
  • The fourth Wednesday of a month for people with birthdays on the 21st through the 31st day of a month.

If the Wednesday you are scheduled to receive an SSDI payment falls on a Federal holiday, you’ll receive your benefits payment on the first business day before the Wednesday holiday.

For example, in 2024, the third Wednesday in June falls on June 19, a federal holiday celebrating Juneteenth. Payments due on June 19, 2024, will be processed a day early on Tuesday, June 18. The same thing happens in December this year for people who receive their SSDI payments on the third Wednesday of the month.

December 25, 2024, is the third Wednesday of the month, but it’s Christmas Day, a federal holiday. Your payment will be processed sooner, on Tuesday, December 24.

The day of processing is also the day funds for SSDI and retirement benefits are electronically transferred to your bank or Direct Express Debit Mastercard. Check with your bank if you do not see the funds in your bank account on the processing date. Most banks grant account holders immediate access to the funds, but your bank’s policy may delay access to deposited funds, even funds deposited electronically by the Social Security Administration.

What Happens When You Qualify For Concurrent Disability Benefits?

Concurrent benefits describe a common situation when a person qualifies for Supplemental Security Income and SSDI benefits simultaneously. It usually happens when your lifetime work earnings are low, so you meet the income and resource requirements to qualify for disability benefits through SSI.

SSI is a program for people with limited or no income and resources that do not exceed $2,000 for individuals and $3,000 for eligible couples. If you qualify for SSDI and SSI simultaneously, this is called concurrent benefits. Concurrent benefits change the payment date of your SSDI.

SSI benefits are processed for all beneficiaries on the first day of each month. If you receive concurrent benefits, your SSI benefits are processed on the first day of the month, and your SSDI benefits are processed on the third day of the month, regardless of your date of birth.

Benefit payments are not processed on federal holidays or weekends. If you have a benefit payment that is due on a holiday or weekend, it will be processed on the immediately preceding business day.

Get Help With Social Security Disability From The Experts

Look to the disability advocates at Disability Experts of Florida for answers to questions about disability benefits and for outstanding assistance with applications and appeals. Get help from experienced SSDI disability advocates to guide you through a complicated process. It all starts by contacting us for a free consultation.



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