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Statements That Hurt Your Social Security Disability Hearing

Posted by Scott Flexer

In our recent blog 8 Tips to Winning Your Social Security Disability Case, we said that honesty is always the best policy. We also recommended that you don’t overshare, e.g. bringing up a criminal record or a history of drug abuse if you’re not asked about it. If you are asked, it’s not grounds for dismissal and it’s likely they will find out about it anyhow, so stick to the truth. That said, here are five statements that are probably going to hurt you when you go before the Administrative Law Judge (ALJ).

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Social Security Disability Hearings: 4 Mistakes Not to Make

Posted by DEF

You’ve successfully applied for social security disability benefits, and you’re finally getting your day in court. For many people, the idea of a disability hearing can be intimidating, which can lead bad decision-making when going in front of the judge.

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