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Can I Receive SSDI or SSI for Crohn’s Disease?

Posted by Scott Flexer

Many of our clients have specific medical conditions that they’ve been diagnosed with, and are concerned that because of a preexisting condition not recognized by the SSA, they will be turned down for Social Security Disability Insurance. It’s understandable. Some of these conditions present symptoms only identifiable to the trained eye, which cause skepticism from the Social Security Administration. Part of the reason for this is that the people you speak with are not doctors; They aren’t trained in identifying the traits of the medical condition at hand. One example of this is Crohn’s Disease. It can be difficult proving disability for this condition, so it’s beneficial to have an experienced Social Security Disability advocate fighting for you in these cases, as they are experienced in dealing with just this sort of problem. The experienced advocates of Disability Experts of Florida have years of experience fighting with people with this or similar problems.

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