How Continuing Disability Reviews Affect Disability Benefits

Published on: March 10, 2016

I_qualified_for_disability_benefits_now_what.jpgPart of getting qualified for disability benefits means you will have to provide ample medical documentation to support your claim.

Simply being diagnosed with a disability will not qualify you alone, and there are many intricacies associated with various disabilities, such as physical conditions and psychological conditions.

What happens after The Social Security Administration has qualified you to receive disability benefits? 

Once you have been approved,  you will need to continually support your condition with the appropriate medical documentation. Both Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) have their own varying specifications for qualifying for disability benefits; however, their constant is that your disability must severely inhibit you from working and that is what will be assessed during each review.

Continuing Disability Reviews

Post-qualifying for disability benefits, you will be subject to occasional reviews depending on the severity of your condition and the likelihood of your condition improving. The review process is fairly standard.

The Social Security Administration will send you an initial letter informing you that they will be conducting a review. Then, a representative from your local Social Security office will contact you and explain the review process specific to you. Be ready to provide their representative with information on any medical work you have done as well.

Any information you provide will be reviewed by a disability examiner and a doctor; depending on that informational review, you may be requested to have a special examination that the Social Security Administration will pay for.

Upon that review, you will receive another letter detailing whether your benefits will be continued or not; however, if you disagree with their decision, you are allowed to file an appeal. If you choose not to file an appeal, then your benefits will simply discontinue three months later.

Special Conditions for Review

The Social Security has varying conditions for how and when their reviews are conducted based on your qualifying condition. They continually conduct reviews from time to time to determine whether your condition has medically improved and you are able to return to work. How often you will have a review is dependent on the severity of your condition and the likelihood of your condition improving.

Enclosed in your benefits award notice is a date for when you can expect your first review to be conducted. If your condition is expected to improve then your first review is likely to occur within 6-18 months after you started getting disability benefits.

Also, if your condition is expected to improve, then your review will be held every 3 years; however, if your condition is unlikely to improve over time, then reviews will be conducted once every 5-7 years.

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