Why Were You Denied Disability in Florida?

Published on: May 1, 2015

red x signifying denied disability in floridaAnywhere in the United States (but especially in Florida), there are many people who are hurt or injured while at their work or in other accidents. This is an unfortunate truth of life, and using some of our guides for what you’re doing, you may have decided to apply for disability.

If you did, and you have received a denial notice, all is not lost. Please understand that the SSA denies claims for many reasons. They’ve got a responsibility to make sure that their money is spent wisely and that you truly qualify for benefits—something that we all know about.

However, your disability might be a bigger issue to you than they’re aware of. They see a paper statement of what you can and cannot do. It’s a little rough on people to make these decisions, but there’s hope.

If You’re Denied Disability in Florida, You’re Not Alone

According to the Ultimate Disability Guide 66.3% of applicants for disability in 2006 were denied beneifts for various reasons (none of which are specified in the article). That number increases to 85.8% on Reconsideration. These are some disturbing statistics, but you have to realize that it’s a difficult process. The proving and reproving of your condition can create conflict and strife. That’s why you should call us for help—we’ve been doing this for a long time and we know the ins and outs of the system!

But, just because the SSA denied you doesn’t mean that you’re ineligible. The negative parts of those statistics are staggering, but notice that 14.2% still won their applications on reconsideration. When it goes to a hearing, the rate jumps to almost 50% approval. The proves that there are ways to win your claim, even after you’ve been denied disability in Florida. That’s a huge improvement, which you should take into consideration if you move forward with a claim into the hearing phase.

Why You’ve Been Denied Disability In Florida

There are certain criteria you have to meet to win your disability claim. They are:

  • You must not be employed in substantial gainful activity (Simply put, you can’t be making more than $1090 per month).
  • Your condition must be severe enough to be considered disabling (the SSA Blue Book helps them determine this).
  • Can you do the work you used to do?
  • If not, can you do any work at all?

If you can legitimately answer these questions correctly, then you qualify for disability—whether or not your claim has been denied in the first place. It comes down to proving to them that you have a legitimate and honest claim.

What Being Denied Disability in Florida Really Means

Speaking from a purely bureaucratic angle, being denied disability in Florida (or anywhere in the United States) only means that the SSA can’t justify approving your claim within their rules—yet. If you follow through the process all the way to a hearing, you’ll eventually get to meet with people who will see you and your condition first-hand versus an impersonal piece of paper. If you have someone representing you in the hearing, all the better, as they know the system better and can help you.

A denial is not the end of the world. As we said before, a denial doesn’t isn't the final word. Reconsiderations  and hearings can possibly improve your chances, as can consulting with a group of people such as ourselves who can see you through the process. It can be frightening to deal with the government agencies involved here, but with our help and expertise we can get you through it. Give us a call and we’ll be here to assist you with the entire process!


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