How to File for Disability for Epilepsy in Tampa

Published on: August 20, 2014

How to File for Disability with Epilepsy and Other Seizure Disorders in Tampa

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Thehe Social Security Administration considers epilepsy and other seizure disorders under Section 111 of its Blue Book, “Neurological-Childhood.” Unfortunately, there isn’t a distinct listing for adults who have a seizure disorder. However, the SSA’s disability evaluation consistently focuses on the effects and limitations any condition imposes on the person who suffers from the disorder. Therefore, the SSA will examine the way your seizure disorder affects you and limits your activities and your ability to work.

As with other illnesses we often discuss here such as fibromyalgia and depression, the effects and limits of epilepsy must be sufficient to support a disability claim. In other words, as with any other disease, illness or disorder, the SSA must determine that you can no longer perform the work you did in the past.

In order to file a disability claim for an epileptic seizure disorder, your medical records must detail:

  • The diagnosis of seizure disorder
  • The severity of the seizure disorder
  • The frequency with which you experience seizures
  • A detailed description of a typical seizure

According to the SSA’s Blue Book, symptoms for epilepsy include whether or not you have an aura, you bite your tongue or injure yourself, or if you lose consciousness. Always work with your doctor so all relevant information is properly recorded in your medical records. Additionally, you will be required to have all of your lab reports and test results. You should always document treatments and their corresponding results yourself as well.

You must demonstrate and prove that you follow prescribed treatment (this can be shown in blood levels of the medications you are taking), and that you experience persistent seizures despite treatment, or that your seizures can be controlled only by perilously high levels of your prescription medication.

If you have a seizure disorder and need assistance filing for SSI/SSDI for epilepsy in Tampa, contact us today to initiate your case. Your future may depend on it.

How an experienced Social Security Advocate can Assist You in Filing a Disability Claim for Epilepsy in Tampa

Each and every one of our advocates has an intimate knowledge of how the SSA works. We can help you make certain that you have collected all pertinent medical records. You should know that the SSA requires that you must have undergone treatment for at least three months before determining that your prescribed treatments cannot control your seizures.

The process of filing can be confusing and frustrating. An experienced Social Security advocate at Disability Experts of Florida can help you gather all necessary medical records in order to successfully win your SSDI or SSI case. Contact us today for a free evaluation.

Call Our Compassionate SSI and SSDI Advocates to Start Your SSDI Claim for Epilepsy in Tampa

If your epilepsy is debilitating and keeps you from working, you may be entitled to disability benefits. We believe that everyone deserves a high quality of life and that disabilities beyond one’s control shouldn’t be a strike against living a fruitful and fulfilling life. Contact us immediately to find out how we can assist you with filing a disability claim for epilepsy in Tampa.

Addendum: Blue Book Notes for Filing a Disability Claim for Epilepsy in Tampa

From the Blue Book

Epileptic Seizure Disorder (Epilepsy): To meet the stipulations of the Blue Book listing for epileptic seizure disorder, you must have, in addition to a diagnosis of epilepsy, one of the following:

  1. Documented evidence of at least one seizure each month, despite at least three months of treatment AND at least one of the requirements of Paragraph A
  2. Documented evidence of at least one major seizure each year, despite at least three months of treatment AND at least one of the requirements of Paragraph B

See the SSA Blue Book for more detailed information.


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