Receiving SSDI For Agoraphobia

Published on: January 19, 2016

Agoraphobia_Disability_Experts.jpgAgoraphobia is another psychological condition that can pose difficulties for those who suffer from it and are seeking help via SSDI and SSI. Agoraphobia constitutes a psychological condition that qualifies as an anxiety disorder.

Like depression, agoraphobia’s symptoms aren’t as empirically obvious as other well-known, physical impairments and illnesses.

Therefore, the SSA or DDD may look on agoraphobic person with a suspicious eye. We can’t stress the importance of getting the proper representation to those who suffer from this often horrifying, frequently paralyzing condition; it is key to being awarded the SSDI benefits you need in Tampa.  The advocates at Disability Experts of Florida have great recognition for how negatively agoraphobia can affect those who deal with it every day.

What Is Agoraphobia and How Can I Qualify?

The term agoraphobia has been widely misunderstood. Its literal definition suggests a fear of "open spaces" (based on its Latin roots). However, this is an incomplete and misleading view. Agoraphobics are not necessarily afraid of open spaces. Rather, they are subject to panic attacks wherever these stressful feelings of uncontrollable fear may occur.

Agoraphobia arises from an anxiety condition that has become so intense that the individual fears going anywhere or doing anything where these feelings of panic have occurred before. Once the panic attacks have begun, the episodes create perpetual, life-altering distress, even when other more obvious pressures have diminished.

This leads to a "feedback condition," which generally leads to increased numbers of panic attacks and, for some people, an increase in the situations or events which can produce panicky feelings.

A person may fear having anxiety attacks, "losing control" or embarrassing him or herself in these situations. Many people remain in a painful state of anxious anticipation because of these fears. Some become restricted or "housebound," while others function relatively "normally" but with great difficulty, often attempting to hide their discomfort.

Agoraphobia, then, is a severe anxiety condition and a phobia, as well as a pattern of avoidant behavior; all fall into categories that are insurable under the SSA guidelines.

However, is your condition demonstrably bad enough that it can keep you from working? When you sit down with one of our advocates, we will thoroughly and compassionately discuss your case with you. We will help you prepare the necessary paperwork.

You can consider Disability Experts of Florida an ally because of our years of experience in dealing with the SSA, the DDS and dreadful psychological conditions like agoraphobia.

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We are here to help you. We understand that living with agoraphobia is a serious, debilitating condition. We also know that the SSA and Florida DDD will often view claimants who have agoraphobia with increased suspicion. This is truly unfortunate.

You need someone on your side that understands what the SSA and Florida DDD are looking for when reviewing your case. You need an ally. Contact Disability Experts of Florida today to set an appointment.


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