What are the Steps to Getting Social Security Disability in Tampa?

Published on: March 25, 2014

Tampa Disability Benefits

When you finally make the decision to begin the process of applying for Social Security disability or SSI benefits, you will have questions. At Disability Experts of Florida, we’re here to answer your questions. You’ve probably heard all kinds of horror stories about the process.

It’s true that filing for your SSI and SSDI can be an exhausting, formidable, tedious and frustrating job. For The Social Security Administration (SSA), its unfortunately necessary that they be exacting in their reviews. They’re dealing with a limited budget and, because of that and other reasons, they are forced to make difficult decisions. However, that doesn’t mean that they don’t make mistakes.

The important thing for a first time claimant or those entrenched in the appeals process to remember is to not get overwhelmed. Yes, it is a trying, difficult process, and yes, as noted, sometimes mistakes are made. Do not let any of this get you down.

  • Never give up! Stay positive!

With these things in mind, what can you do on your end to leverage yourself against the government? Well, a good start is to hire a qualified advocate like those at Disability Experts of Florida. We have years of experience dealing with the SSA and understand the intricacies involved in filing a successful SSDI or SSI claim. We know many of the people you will face during the process. We know what to look for, how to answer questions and how to counter claims.

We Know the Steps to Getting Tampa Social Security Disability at Disability Experts of Florida

So, what are the steps to getting Tampa SSDI?

  1. Call Disability Experts of Florida to set up a free consultation and case review. Get someone on your side that knows the turf. Working with an experienced advocate from the beginning can speed the process and undoubtedly lighten your load.
  2. Start the disability determination process by applying. One of our advocates can help you file your application, or you can apply by phone,  on-line or in person. Social Security field offices and state agencies will then process your claim for disability benefits.
  3. If you are found “disabled” by the Florida DDD (Division of Disability Determination), you will then be informed as to the amount of your benefits by Social Security.
  4. If the DDD finds you not disabled,  your file is sent back to the Social Security field office, or comes back to Disability Experts of Florida.
  5. You can then appeal that decision. Again, we recommend that you work with one of our compassionate, tenacious Social Security Disability advocates to help you with your case.



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