Will Drug or Alcohol Addiction Affect My Disability Claim in Tampa?

Published on: March 3, 2014

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Many potential claimants have asked about whether or not an alcohol or drug addiction will prohibit them from getting their Social Security Disability Insurance. The simple answer is, if your addiction is found to be a “material” factor in your disability, you will not be found disabled.

For example, one hypothetical scenario might involve your liver. It could be determined that you have liver disease because of chronic alcohol abuse. It is possible in this scenario that you will not be granted legal disability status. Remember…this is only a hypothetical situation. We recommend that you call Disability Experts of Florida to discuss the details of your case with one of our representatives. It’s important to note that every case is different. Do not decide on your own that you do not qualify for disability; always consult an experienced disability advocate before making such a decision.

More Information about Drug and Alcohol Addiction and Your Tampa and Dade City SSDI

Social Security hearings are very nuanced and often complex events. It’s certainly advantageous to hire an experienced, qualified and savvy advocate to represent you during this very stressful time. We’ve been discussing the possible impact of drug or alcohol addiction on your case. If you suffer from drug or alcohol addiction, it does not necessarily mean you will be denied Social Security Disability Insurance in Florida. Generally, The Social Security Administration will first determine if you are disabled with all of your conditions, including your addiction.  If they decide you are disabled they will then determine that, if the addiction were not present, would you still be disabled?

  • Were you disabled because of a drug or alcohol problem?
  • Were you disabled before a drug or alcohol addiction?
  • Is a drug or alcohol addiction material to your disability?

Frequently, a potential beneficiary will have extended periods of not using drugs or alcohol. The SSA will investigate this to see if the individual was still disabled during that period.  Sometimes a doctor’s statement that the claimant would be disabled even if there was no drug or alcohol addiction (DAA) can help in this regard as well. Disability Experts of Florida will work with you and your doctors to help determine whether a DAA might impact your case. Just don’t give up!

Don’t Give Up! Drug or Alcohol Addiction Does Not Necessarily Mean You will be Denied SSDI or SSI in Tampa!

Even if you are still using drugs or alcohol, but are clearly disabled for some other reason, there’s a likelihood that the SSA will find you disabled. For example, if you have severe enough physical problems that would make you disabled under Social Security Disability rules, Social Security might find your alcohol or drug addiction to not be material to a finding of disability.  

If you live in TampaDade CitySpring HillPort Richey or any nearby area and you have a question about SSDI or SSI, call Disability Experts of Florida today for a free case consultation. There is so much at stake! Let our experienced advocates work your case for you.



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