Disability Benefits In Florida: One Fee Agreement

Published on: March 22, 2016


Our most recent guide "Why You Shouldn't Switch Disability Representatives in Florida" covers a variety of topics around the interests of individuals who have applied for disability benefits. These individuals have more questions than answers when it comes to their case and representation.  

If you are thinking about switching representatives you may want to think twice. Below is an excerpt from our most recent guide:  

One Representative, One Fee Agreement

While there is no law against switching representation or have multiple representatives, it is not necessarily in your best interest to do so because of the various complex processes involved. If you have already hired a disability representative, then it would be financially beneficial for you to stay with him or her.

When you hire one representative, the fee process is much less convoluted than it would be if you were transitioning to a different representative and having to pay for multiple advocates.

Switching Representatives or Having Multiple Representatives

If you are switching disability representatives and your first representative has invested many resources into your case, then your first representative is likely to expect compensation for his/ her work. If you make the decision to switch representatives, you will have to engage in a fee petition process, instead of a fee agreement.

Both your former and current disability representative will expect appropriate compensation for their work toward earning you the benefits you deserve. Therefore, the disability representative you discharged would file a fee petition and, more often than not, he or she will not waive or withdraw their right to a fee for the work they had already completed in your case.

Essentially, both your former and current disability representatives will file a fee petition, or the second representative will ask your first representative to withdraw his or her request for a fee. Your first representative has the option to withdraw his or her fee agreement; however, your first representative will typically only withdraw their fee if you have moved out of state.

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If you are suffering from a disability and are beginning to feel like your current representation is not properly handling your case, download our guide "Why You Shouldn't Switch Disability Representatives in Florida" to better understand the financial logistics in order to make an educated decision.

Why You Shouldn't Switch Disability Representatives in Florida

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