The Difference Between Disability Advocates and Attorneys

Published on: May 5, 2015

attorney giving adviceYou might be wondering why we tout our advocates so much here at Disability Experts of Florida. Well, there's a very good reason as to why we do that—it's in the expertise.

In law schools around the world, students are studying to become prospective lawyers. However, they're not specialized until well after they leave law school. That's the problem—they've got plenty of knowledge, but little expertise in their field.

Advocates are not lawyersthey're specialists in their fields from day one, which means that they're more experienced and generally cheaper than attorneys.

Why Choose a Disability Advocate?

The primary benefit this offers you is that our experienced advocates have been working exclusively with Social Security claims for a long time. That means the people you’ll be working with are all qualified to discuss your case in conjunction with their knowledge of the SSA. 

What Advantages do you Have Other Than Advocates?

Not only do we have knowledgeable advocates, we have a retired Administrative Law Judge on staff who knows the system from the inside. He presided over a variety of cases, so he knows what your judge is looking for. 

We also offer you the ability to be represented on a contingency basis. This means that we only get paid if you do. This helps to alleviate one of the biggest concerns in hiring assistance with filing for disability. You won’t go broke hiring us to represent you. That’s the great part about our services: we can help you attain your goal without breaking the bank. Your case is more than just a way for us to get a paycheck; it’s about maintaining your quality of life. That’s why we want to work for you—we want to see that you are provided for if you’re unable to provide for yourself.

Just How Experienced are You?

You might be wondering about our qualifications. Our advocates are very experienced. Between our staff, we have over 100 years of collective experience. That means we’ve invested more years into the system than the SSA. Since we’ve seen so much in the Social Security program, we can help you maneuver through the problems.

Why Not Call us and Find Out?

We can tell you all the things that we can do for you in this article, but the real proof is going to be when we talk to you. You’ll be able to ask us about our experience, your case, and everything in-between. We can answer your questions in person or on the telephone and we can help you figure out your case with you. Remember, we don’t get paid until you win. We’re not going to ask for deposits, down payments, or any form of payment up front. We’ll evaluate everything with our expertise and figure out what you can do to get the compensation you deserve. Call us now!

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