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Published on: July 7, 2014

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At Disability Experts of Florida, you can count on us to treat you with dignity in your time of need. No one ever expects to be forced by a physical or mental condition to seek Social Security Disability in Tampa;  but nationwide, the statistics tell the true story. Nearly one-third of all Americans will unfortunately file an SSDI or SSI claim before their retirement.

Our entire staff of caring advocates has only your best interest in mind. That’s why we don’t get paid unless we win your SSDI or SSI case for you. We’re here to help those who suffer from spinal disorders and are seeking Social Security benefits in Tampa. Getting SSDI and SSI is a challenging, stressful series of steps that often leaves those who need benefits exhausted. Its vital that you seek qualified and caring representation. The Tampa, Florida Social Security disability advocates at Disability Experts of Florida treat you like you’re our neighbor…not a number.

The 5 Point Process for Getting Social Security Benefits in Tampa for Spinal Disorders

To be approved for SSDI for spinal disorders in Tampa, the SSA has a five-point process to determine whether you qualify. The SSA will:

  1. Determine if you are engaging in "Substantial Gainful Activity."   If you are working an earning in excess of 1070.00 per month (the figure for 2014), you are not eligible for disability benefits.
  2. Conclude whether or not your spinal disorder is severe enough to significantly limit your ability to perform basic work activities needed to do most jobs. For those with spinal disorders, these activities might include walking, lifting or sitting for extended periods of time. Conditions like scoliosis can be extremely painful, leaving those who suffer from it incapable of performing any of these activities at length.
  3. Compare your condition to the disorders of the spine which are listed under the category of impairments known as Musculoskeletal System – Medical Listing 1.04 in the SSA Blue Book. Herniated nucleus pulposus, spinal arachnoiditis, spinal stenosis, osteoarthritis, degenerative disc disease, facet arthritis and vertebral fracture all may result in limitations because of damage to the spine and associated effects on nerve roots and spinal cord. An experiencd Tampa Social Security advocate at Disability Experts of Florida will explain, free-of-charge, the specific criteria established by the SSA for consideration when evaluating a spinal disorder. Contact us today for a no-obligation case review. We have years of experience in dealing with the SSA.
  4. Evaluate your ability to perform work you have done in the past despite your spinal disorder. If the SSA finds that you can do the same type of work you performed in the past, benefits are typically denied. If you can no longer work, then the process proceeds to the fifth and final step.
  5. Review your age, education, work experience, and physical/mental condition to determine what other work, if any, you can perform. To determine spinal disorder disability, the SSA enlists medical-vocational rules, which vary according to age.

An experienced Tampa, Florida Social Security Disability Advocate at Disability Experts of Florida Can Help – Contact Us now for a Free Case Evaluation

One of the most important things we do at Disability Experts of Florida is listening. We believe that it is our duty to help those who suffer from a debilitating condition achieve a good quality of life. With our experience on your side, you’ll be able to rest a little easier at night with the knowledge that we’re fighting for your SSDI and SSI in Tampa. Contact us today for a free evaluation.

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