All About the 2019 COLA Increase

Posted by DEF on Feb 21 2019

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Social Security recipients, we have good news: the Social Security Administration (SSA) has released their annual Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA), and we’re happy to report that there is an increase of 2.8%, the largest increase since 2011.

Designed to keep up with the ever-changing cost of living, this social security adjustment gives you a nice boost in benefits.

Download the 2019 COLA Report

To gain a better understanding of the 2019 COLA and what it means for you and your family, download our 2019 COLA ebook for an informative look at each of the following:

How the COLA is calculated

  • How the US Bureau of Labor Statistics uses price index statistics to gauge the economy in order to determine annual COLA
  • The formulas behind the COLA increase.
  • The impact of past COLAs (view adjustments from 1975 through 2018)
  • The history of the COLA (a form of SSA benefits dates back to 1940!)

Have more questions about the 2019 COLA? Chat with an experienced Social Security disability advocate today.

2019 COLA Social Security Benefits

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