10 Facts About Social Security Benefits in Florida

Published on: March 17, 2016

I10_Facts_About_Social_Security_Benefits_in_Florida.jpgf you are suffering from a disabling condition that is inhibiting your work performance then you should apply for disability benefits with the Social Security Administration.

Filing for Social Security disability benefits is challenging in nature and can easily become more complex as the application process unfolds.

There are a number of things that can complicate the application process, such as your marital status, an insufficient amount of medical documentation and the nature of your disability.

With so many variables regarding your disability application, there are a few things that you should know about applying for Social Security disability benefits here in Florida.

Getting Social Security Benefits for 12 Months Before You Apply

You can’t get disability benefits without applying. The Social Security Administration (SSA) doesn’t know that you are seeking disability benefits if you don’t apply and tell them.

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If approved, the SSA will, however, pay for up to 12 months of your disability benefits prior to your application. This is contingent on the SSA finding that you were disabled for those twelve months prior to your application.

Disabled Children’s Eligibility for Social Security Benefits

A disabled child is eligible to receive disability benefits on behalf of their parents retirement, disability benefits or the parent has passed. The child must also be age 18 or older and the child’s disability must have begun before he or she was 22 years old.

The Waiting Period for Social Security Disability Benefits

There is a 5 month waiting period before your disability benefits begin after the date you have been found to be disabled on and are eligible for Social Security disability benefits. The SSA will pay for the 6th full month post the date your disability began.   Example:  You are found to be disabled on January 10, 2016; your waiting period is February 2016 through June 2016 and benefits b begin effective with July 2016.

Unemployment Benefits and Social Security Benefits

Your Social Security disability benefits do not count your unemployment benefits as earnings; therefore, your disability benefits will not be affected by your unemployment benefits. On the other hand, your unemployment benefits may be affected by the amount of Social Security income, or benefits, you receive.  Check with your Unemployment Office for additional information.

Working While Collecting Social Security Disability Benefits

If your disabling condition improves and allows you to complete your previous work tasks, you are permitted to go back to work without your disability benefits being penalized for it. The SSA has specific guidelines in place, such as a 9-month Trial Work Period.   If it is determined that you are performing work at the level of Substantial Gainful Activity, your benefits can be terminated at the conclusion of the Trial Work Period.

Social Security Statements that Have a Record of Earnings and Estimate Future Benefits

The Social Security Administration has made your personal statement easily accessible to you online via your social security account. This online statement includes your earnings record and displays your estimates for retirement. The SSA will also mail a printed statement three months before their 25th birthday and every five years after that.

Pension from Work Not Covered by Social Security and Your Disability Benefits

If your pension is derived from your work either with a U.S government agency or in a foreign country and based on earnings from which no Social Security taxes were paid, then the SSA is likely to use a variation of their normal formula.

Receiving Benefits at the Age of Full Retirement

Your disability benefits will automatically change into retirement benefits when you reach the full retirement age. According to the law, a person cannot collect both disability and retirement at the same time.   There will be no change in amount.

Workers Compensation, Public Disability Benefits and Social Security Disability Benefits

If you are receiving another form of disability benefits, outside of the Social Security Administration, then your SS benefits will likely be reduced for you and your family. This is only if you and your family are receiving a combined total amount-- including workers comp. and public disability-- that exceeds 80% of your average earnings prior to becoming injured or ill.

Disability Representatives and Social Security Claims

There are many disability representatives in Florida that you can contact; however, you should aim to hire a compassionate, professional and experienced disability representative for your claim. Contact a disability representative today and get started on your claim today.



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